Expat Packages

There are a few definitions of expatriate (expat) on the Internet. An expatriate (in abbreviated form, expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of the person’s upbringing or legal residence.

Now, here is my definition of an expat:

An expatriate is a person who either through luck, the grace of God, or BUCK WILD, discovered and had the balls to leave his own country for much greener pastures!

It’s a sad fact that in America the “American Dream” is a lie, and in fact you’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes like a sheep. Most of us have been bred to consume and be in debt for our entire lives! Do people really say that the quality of life is so great in America? Really!? Let me break it down for you: every day you wake up just to run on that human-sized hamster wheel, which, at the end of a hard days work, gets you so very little. After that, you get to go home and pay for shit you bought to impress some gold digging pig. You watch a little TV; maybe have a few drinks to numb the pain, and its back on the wheel again. On your weekends you get the “privilege” of going out to buy expensive drinks and dinners for women who are plotting how they can get as much money out of your pocket as they can without giving you what you want. After all this you’re tired of rejection, chasing women, and you wind up getting married. Congratulations, you just signed the worst contract in the world. THE END.

The truth of the matter is that everything you currently “own” will at some point be taken from you either by a soon to be ex-wife, the bank, or the government. The least of whom you need to worry about is a thief, how fucking sad! A recent study suggests material items don’t bring real happiness to people. The experiences you have are the only things you will ever actually own and those can never be taken from you.

How does one become an expat?
The good news for you is there are a million ways to become an expat and be able to live the REAL AMERICAN dream! One reason being an expat is not as hard as it may seem is because living in the Philippines is cheap, which means you can keep your overhead low and live a life you could never have in the U.S. In my many years of being an expat and talking with others, I’m always surprised on a daily basis how people were able to make the move and become expat. I have always had the ability to make money just over the phone or Internet, so I coined the phrase ”in order to the live dream you’ve got to make American greens in the Philippines”. I also call it the “X-factor.”

There are some people that, based on their limited skill set, will never be able to become an expat. Let’s take for example a plumber. A plumber in America can make $20-$30 an hour which is good money. The problem is that no matter how good he is at plumbing or how fast he can fix things a Filipino plumber will charge less than a dollar an hour. This means that your current skill set is obsolete and you can’t make money based on what you know how to do. Now, don’t go loading up the shotgun just yet. You can still save your money for lots of trips to paradise and could also work on new skills!

Here are a few of the many ways people I know have done it.

  • Have a job or business that you either can run over the phone and Internet.
  • Have some one run your current business for you.
  • Liquidate all of your assets.
  • Blow up your credit.
  • Have a pension.
  • Day trade stocks.
  • Start a business in the Philippines.
  • Military disability or pension.
  • There are many other ways…

What the Expat package includes:

I will help you…

  • Find you a place to live based on your needs, budget, likes/dislikes, and negotiate your rent.
  • Set up all of your utilities (cable, internet, electric, water) and show you were to pay the bills.
  • Show you all the around town and how to get places.
  • Introduce you to trustworthy travel agents.
  • Show you the best restaurants.
  • Teach you how the visa renewal system works.
  • Help you set up a bank account.
  • Assist you in getting a maid.
  • Let you have access to my plumber, electrician, and carpenter.
  • Get you set up with a cell phone and show you how the prepaid system works here.
  • Teach you how to use the public transportation system and how much to pay.
  • Teach you about the currency and where the best places to change your money are.

There are a million other things you will need to know that are included as well.

The learning curve is massive when coming to a new country on everything. It’s one thing to come party your balls off and shred the town for a week, and it’s a completely different animal if you are living here. You may be thinking that all of this stuff seems pretty simple to do, but unfortunately you would be WRONG! First off, there are no yellow pages here to look things up, and it’s rather impossible to Google this information also. There aren’t even street signs on a lot of streets! Around the Philippines, being taught how things work, where things are, and how to live, is PRICELESS.

I have been living here for the last 8 years and I still am learning new things that I didn’t know about the Philippines. Remember this about the Philippines: the things in America that are easy to get are harder to get here and the things that are hard to get in America (girls especially), are easy to get here. I guarantee you that this money will be the second best money you have ever spent, right behind visiting Buck Wild in the Philippines!

The regular trip cost excludes the expat package, which is an additional $1,500 which will save you boat loads and time not having to learn everything the hard and expensive way.

Im Your Host & Wing Man, Buck Wild!