Good Time To Visit

When is a good time to come?

That’s easy ANYTIME!!

Philippines Weather:
The weather is warm throughout the year it’s a tropical climate.

November till march- the weather is perfect 78F-85F with mild humidity

March till June- is warmer around 85F to 90F with mild humidity perfect for pool parties

June till late October- is rainy season and temperatures are around 75F-85F humidity can vary from mild to medium. But usually when it rains it’s for a few hours a day typically at night when it cools down and then can go on for a few days in a row or go with out for a week. With global warming people who have lived here 30 years say rainy season is getting short and milder.

What you need to bring?

Clothing suggestions:

The weather is tropical so forget the sweaters, jackets, and suits or ties. Leave that at home!

It’s a very relaxed style with shorts and tee shirts being the norm. A few pairs of jeans and one pair of dress slacks and a few collared shirts and you’re all set.

Shoes: Gym shoes and running shoes are the norm also sandals are very popular too. Don’t forget to pack your golf shoes!
You don’t need to pack a ton since we do have laundry service included.

Im Your Host & Wing Man, Buck Wild!