Guided Tours

Guided tours packages outside of Philippines and Thailand prices and information.

I fully realize that Asian isn’t everyone’s favorite place to see and do and thus I do offer my tour guide services to those who want to go anywhere in the world. I have been to many places and weather I have or haven’t been there is no problem as I am a professional at scouting new lands hence my work with on indexing everything and anything to do with sex. My vast travel experience on how to deal with new places and find the fun is what I do and one of the main reason people hire me as their guide.

That being said this service is not for those on a tight budget. Reason being is both my travel costs (airfare, hotel, food, ect.) and my fee for my time ($2,000 per week) also needs to be paid as well as your own costs. I realize not all can afford this and thus I do free videos for people to learn and see about places to do it themselves. I suggest if you are on a budget the trips to the Philippines or Thailand will be the best money you ever spent in your life!

For example: You want to go to Frankfurt and Munich Germany for a week here is a cost breakdown:

What you would need to pay for me to do the tour?

  • My Airfare estimated cost $1,200
  • My hotel room at where every you are staying $80 a night=$560
  • My food and drinks $400
  • Train fare between cities $80
  • My fee $2,000 (half up front and half when I arrive)

Estimated Total: $4,240

I merely bring this up as people often ask about the costs about seeing other places and I really can’t give an exact price except for my fee because until you book flights and hotels, it’s impossible to really know exactly how much it will cost. Usually for the clients that want to book other locations, costs and my fee is not an issue as they have plenty of money and just want to ensure they have the trip of a life time with a knowledgeable and fun guide!

If you want to plan a trip to your dream destination wherever that may be let me know dates and we can make it happen!

Live the dream!

Im Your Host & Wing Man, Buck Wild!