Mongering Lingo For The Philippines

PI/ Phils – This is the abbreviated name for the country of the Philippines.

AC – The abbreviated name for Angeles City Philippines.

Go-go bar – Is the name of the style bars where the girls are at and can be found.

Bar fine – Is the price you pay to get the girl from the bar and all is all inclusive for the night, tipping is purely optional. Unfortunately bar fines which used to be the same everywhere have went up and now even different prices for different “grades”  similar to buying weed and but unlike all the fun names like Alaskan thunder fuck or northern lights #5 now they have “Show girls” that are one bar fine and “Daddy’s girls” which are another price. To me it’s all bullshit as to how the girls are in one category or another. But I guess that’s called marketing.

Long time – Is when you get the girl for the whole night and she leaves the next morning.

Short time – Is when you get a girl for a max of three hours or one bang.

Bola bola/ bolero – Is the local word for lying or bullshitting someone

Butterfly – Is the name the girls call you when they see you with many different girls. Ironically when you see them with a lot different guys and call them a butterfly they suddenly get serious which almost never happens and tell you they are not a butterfly and that’s their “job”. This I find very funny and hypocritical all at the same time.

Boom boom – Is the fun name they use for sex

Mama-san – This is an older usually fat and ugly Filipina lady who finds and recruits and manages the girls for the bar. She can also be a good source of information about which girls do what and so on. But remember she is there to push girls and make money so keep that in mind.

Papa-san – Is the name for a man who manages the girls and or the bar. This is typical a western guy who is an alcoholic degenerate that hasn’t figure out any other means to make an income in order to live the dream other than being a papa-san in a bar.

Bar hopping – Is going from bar to bar to find Ms. Tonight

Sneak out – This is the pro level shit where you meet the girls and get there numbers and then meet them outside of the bar after their work. The benefit of doing it is you don’t need to pay the bar fine and can just pay the girl half or less of the original price at the bar. The down side is you need to wait till closing time which is 3-4am usually unless you meet them before they go to work. This still doesn’t guarantee you get first dibs on her that day..Haha I love to skunk them before they go to work so some other guy is getting my leftovers.

Cherry boy – This is the name for the guys who visit the Philippines for the first time! The girls absolutely LOVE cherry boys as you can be easily taken advantage of and are not aware of all tricks, prices or secrets of the professional like Buck Wild! When you hire me you get the best of both world’s the girls love the fact that you’re a cherry boy but you have your own personal coach teaching you everything along the way and not allowing anyone to get over on you for even one peso!

Cherry girl – This is the name for girls that have never had sex yet. Cherry girls usually are around 18 years old and can be had for a price. I personally have no desire to pay 30,000 peso for one, I prefer to be the second guy hitting it for 500 peso! I guess some guys just got to have the new car smell..Lol

Door girls– These are the girls out in front of the bars yelling and screaming at you to “come inside handsome” they are usually 9’s or 10’s and dressed very sexy. These girls are no different than any other girls and can be bar fined as well. The bar again from a marketing strategy puts out the best stuff to lure you inside the bar. Door girls where Crazy D favorites!

T-backs – They are thong bikinis which are not widely used as much as they should be in the bar.

Strawberry – Is the name they say for being the second guy after a Filipino guy takes a girl’s cherry. Since Filipinos are known for having less than lethal junk it’s almost like taking her cherry if you’re the first white guy to hit after them. I love these ones as it’s like getting the cherry but without all the headaches and blood sweat and tears of going first!

Freelancer – Is a girl who either doesn’t want to work in the bar or can’t work in the bar and finds guys on the streets or in discos or restaurants. You usually can pay less for a freelancer girl but this does come with an some element of danger in that these are the girls who typically work with the police on set ups and also have a much higher likely hood of stealing something from you. Although I have done hundreds of freelancers I have never had any of these issues happen to me yet. One time I did suspect a girl was trying to set me up and I fucking bailed out of the short time place was out in seconds.. This is one thing you will never have to worry about if you’re on a Buck Wild Tour as your safety is my top priority to a close second of your fun.

Freelance disco – These are disco’s that there are a lot of girls looking for guys at that either are to lazy or can’t work in the bar and prefer to meet guys on their own. The two main freelance Disco’s is Angeles are Sky Tracks and High Society. Prices range from 1,000 peso to 3,000 peso for usually short time.

Medical vacation – There are a lot of medical procedures you can get done for a lot less in the Philippines or Thailand than you can get done in western countries. Laser Hair removal, liposuction, Botox, dental work, teeth whitening,the list goes on and on. For example my brother needed 12 crowns and the cost in the USA was $12,000 he for it all done for $5,000 including his round trip airfare! Buck Wild has special pricing thru my network of medical professionals that can save you HUGE amounts of cash so much so that you can pay for your Buck Wild Tour and get your shit done and still have money in your pocket! That’s what I call getting the most for your Buck..

Trike – Is a small motor bike attached to a small side car which is the main from of transportation from going directly from place to place that isn’t in walking distance. This is not a comfortable or cheap way to get around. You never need to fuck with this shit if you hire Buck Wild! On your tour all transportation from airport pick up and drop off and everything between is covered in your package. But for you do it yourselves negotiate the price before you even get in the trike or they will for sure try to fuck you over. Don’t ever have a trike driver bring you to an ATM as then your chances of being robbed go sky high.


Jeepney – This is cheap form of public transportation which is a jeep like vehicle that is extended in length with bench style seating for about 15 people. This is the least expensive way to move around costing around 8 peso but this is where lots of pick pockets hang out and the jeepny stops ever fucking few feet so a 2 mile ride could take 20 minutes or so with zero traffic. All of this in addition to being very uncomfortable and no air conditioning on top of all that bullshit as well.

LBFM – This a name that the USA military gave to Filipinas LITTLE BROWN FUCKING MACHINES

Pros – This is a well-seasoned girl that’s been around the town for a while they know how to play the game and will work a lifesaving out of a cherry boys(first timer to the PI) ass as they do everything right including not asking you for money!

Monger – A person who loves and adores women.

Mongrels – A name for Buck Wild fans!

Filipina – Is the name for a woman from the Philippines and Filipino is the generic name for male.

Runner – This is a scenario where you bar fine a girl and then after you leave the bar the girl runs off at some point before the magic happens. Although rare this sort of happened to me one time in Sabang, I already had her once but who we went to get some drinks she took off. Lol there are some actions you can take to resolve it but I laughed and got another one.

Sari sari store – A local name for a convince store and there are about trillion of them in Angeles city.

Ladies drink – This is a a name for a drink that you buy for when you want to get a girl off the stage to talk with her and feel her out and gauge her personality. There are unfortunately a few different levels of ladies drinks. Regular ladies drink are about 150 peso and consist of local alcohol or soft drinks. Then you have the double ladies drink which is 300 peso and is usually San Miguel light bottle of beer but can really be any kind of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. The double ladies drink has been a matter of major contention amongst the mongering community in Angeles City. Usually the only ones to fall victim to it are “Cherry Boys”. For the record Buck Wild is total against double ladies drinks as only 40% actually goes to the girl so don’t be fool by the girl and tell them single drink ONLY or go back on stage!

Maganda – Local language for beautiful girl

2-holer – Means the girl does oral and regular vaginal sex

3-holer – Mean mouth, pussy and ass!

Province – This is the name for the smaller towns and villages the girls come from. Most girls that are in Angeles city are from either Leyte or Samar, which is in the middle of the country. There are girls from all over the Philippines in Angeles as well in the town.

Cheap Charlie – This is a name they sometimes say about guys who don’t tip or orders the least expense drink or food. Ironical tipping isn’t really a custom that is practiced by locals or in most of Asia for that matter. Tipping is really mostly an American thing and not much tipping in Europe either. Some places put on a 10% service charge which is really a forced tip and thus you shouldn’t put any tip on top of that. Bottom line the service fucking sucks all over Asia so even if tipping was customary you probably wouldn’t just because of how shitty the service is anyways.

Stunner – This is a name for a really hot girl or a 10.

Spinner – Filipinas are the smallest women on earth with tiny hands and feet but by my definition a real spinner needs to be 4’11” or shorter and less than 85 lbs. baby spinners are even smaller.. Spinners are Buck Wilds favorite style!

Rails – These type are my second favorite style and that is a tall thin girl. Rails need to be 5’6″ or taller and 99 lbs. and less. I realize 5’6″ is not tall by any measure except in the PI where the average height is 5’1″

Ringing the bell – This is by far the dumbest thing cherry boys will do. By ringing the bell you buy every girl in the bar a drink. They usually do a toast to you and the cost is about 5,000-15,000 peso per ring($120-$400) this sometimes gets your name on the wall at some bars as well. At Lollipop bar on Fields Ave. they have carton mural of some stupid fucking US military guy who rang the bell to a tune of $11,000 in one night. I did the math and at the time that equaled exactly to you could pay the bar fine of a new girl for 365 times or one full year of new girls every fucking day.. What an idiot to blow half of a year’s pay on that.. But hey military boys aren’t known for being the smartest guys, anyway God bless them as they are all balls and no brains. I once rang the bell but it was when we did the epic saga of “Buck fucks the Philippines” and it was just for show as we already bar fined the whole bar. lol

Steady bar fine – This is for serious chumps and again usually cherry boys will get tricked into this stupid move.  I will throw you off the tour if you are dumb enough to do this!. It’s where you pay 20,000 peso ($500) or so to get the girl to leave the bar and go with you and she doesn’t have to return back to work.. If you have that kind of money to waste when I can do that for free for you, then you need to pay twice the normal price for the tour.

Subic – This is another hot spot about 40 minutes from Angeles city where there are Go-go bars and is on the not so clean ocean bay called Subic bay. Subic baywas both set and ruined by the US Military.

PED – Penis enhancing drugs or performance enhancing drugs these are the Cialis, Viagra, Kamagria which is a gel and then there is some gangster ass Chinese shit called Black Ant which is probably grounded up fetus! I never tried “dickroids” till I was about 33 years old. They like steroids sure do fucking work. I usually use them only if I need to lay down a statement fuck or really put on a show while running a train. This invention really changes the game for the old timers and made young men into porn stars!

Now you are ready my friend with most all the local language and terms you need to know! Book your tour and live the dream!

Im Your Host & Wing Man, Buck Wild!